Cookie Monster

I’d give you a cookie, but I ate it.

Style: Golden Stout

ABV: 6.5%

IBU: 20

Malt: Golden Promise, Mecca Grade Metolius, Mecca Grade Opal 22, Mecca Grade Opal 44, Flaked Oats, Demerara Sugar

Hops: Cascade

Cookie Monster was conceived over a double flight of handmade ice cream with the crew of Batch Microcreamery at their old Allentown location. Going into the meeting, my biggest caveat was that no matter what “ice cream beer” we decided to make, it had to be lactose-free.

We use cacao nibs from Ghana and the special blend of vanilla that Batch uses in their vanilla and chocolate ice creams, but the base of this beer is such a unique blend of toasted malts that are a joy to work with. Tasting the beer before the vanilla and chocolate additions is a treat. I’ve used the techniques I’ve learned and invented making this beer in most every “sweet” beer we’ve made since.

As always, Funk beer aims to be not only delicious but accessible, drinkable and not just a gimmick. This could have easily been a one off novelty but the demand and support from our customers has been overwhelming.

If you’re not pairing this with some S’mores and grilled meats on your next camping trip you’re missing out.